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Team BrainBoost

Let us introduce ourselves..

We are Robert and Rick, father and son, from Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

From our humble beginnings in Santa Monica, California, the "health capital of the world", we started BrainBoost Nutrition. 

In today's fast-paced world where people are constantly on-the-go, eating clean and healthy seems increasingly challenging. While our health is being compromised on by global food industries for mere profit, there's a fascinating trend going on. 


More and more people alternatively choose to eat organic, raw and sustainable foods even if at a higher cost! A lot of people do care about their health! So are we! 

The foods we eat and the thoughts we keep have direct impact on our well-being.

Therefore, we believe that "you are what you eat and think"!

It has become our philosophy!

Our brain is like a human super computer capable of transforming mere thoughts into reality. Fascinating stuff! Positive outcomes require lots of positive input.  

To live by our philosophy and to inspire others, is why we created BrainBoost Nutrition!


Our nutrition bars contain all the natural healthy assets to provide your brain with the fuel it needs to perform optimally! We use nothing but the best, raw, organic ingredients from carefully selected suppliers.

Combined with positive affirmation inserts, we hope to boost your positive thoughts to give you that edge to be the absolute best you can be! 

Now go on! Eat lots of BrainBoosters and .. Go out and get them! ;)

Happy BrainBoost!

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